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Rakta Bandhan

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电影类型:动作 喜剧 犯罪 | 印度
导演:Rajat Rakshit|
主演:Rati Agnihotri|Birbal|米特胡恩·查克拉博蒂|Dinesh Kingoo|Jagdeep|

Chandan (Mithun Chakraborty), his mom (Dina Pathak) and sister Sona live in a small village. Clean shaven Chandan earns his living driving a horse driven carriage. His lady love is the beautiful Roopa (Rati Agnihotri). Roopa also has other admirers, like Bhola (Jagdeep), who will go to any extent to win her heart. On the other hand is Trishul Singh, (also Mithun) who is a dacait with a prominent moustache, out to loot and kill for the sake of money. Unknowingly he also loots the house of his mother (Dina Pathak), and he does not know that he has a twin brother in Chandan. He frequents the house of dancer Kamobai (Surinder Kaur). One day he comes across a seriously injured Chandan and is shocked to see the resemblance. He quickly takes advantage and assumes Chandan's identity, taking Chandan to be dead, he goes to live with Sona and Chandan's mom. He hopes that the police inspector assigned to his case (Viju Khote) will conclude that Trishul Singh is dead when they find Chandan's body. In this way he hopes to elude the police and start anew. But his plans are foiled as Chandan is still alive and mistaken by his gang of dacaits as Trishul Singh. But Chandan is timid and not cut out to be a cutthroat like his twin, and it will not be long before the gang finds out that something is wrong, or may possibly take advantage of Chandan's good-nature for their own greed and gain. Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com) Plot Synopsis: This plot synopsis is empty. Add a synopsis

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